An Ode to Phil


AnThere is a podiatrist named Phil,

He’ll fix up your feet if they’re ill,

Come sun or come rain,

He’ll rid you of pain,

That clever podiatrist called Phil. 

By Simon Langston age 50

Mr L

Having my ingrowing toe nail sorted out once and for all, was the best thing I had done. Mr Thompson is a true professional and I highly recommend him.

Mr L 

H H Form Lichfield

I was advised to get orthotics over 10 years ago and made an appointment to see Phil Thompson.

He made a thorough measurement of my feet and made plaster casts in order that I could have made to measure orthotics for each foot (as they have different measurements and were out of alignment by varying degrees)

I have worn these orthotics for the past decade and would advise anyone who has problems to go down the professional route and see a qualified podiatrist and avoid "quick fixes at sports shops"

Recently he had sandals made to measure for me which are a delight!!

I have  had problems with ingrowing toe nails for a considerable time and last month I had these nails partially removed by Phil Thompson at his surgery in Bore Street. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how little pain this involved!

2 days after the treatment I was out walking the dog!

4 weeks later I have been given the all clear by Phil.

The joy of this procedure is that the edge of the nail root which causes the problem is treated and will not grow again so the results are permanent and the problem cannot occur again.

In conclusion I have no hesitation is recommending Mr. P. Thompson as a first rate podiatrist who has an excellent, calming reassuring manner and a very helpful and qualified assistant Lorraine who is also very reassuring and able.

H H (Lichfield)

S F From Stafford

Dear Phil,

Many thanks for what you have done for me. I managed to complete my first London marathon without any pain in my toes.

As you know I am a keen triathlete and my ambition is to complete Ironman this year. Over the last four years I have only done short to middle distance and have never felt any pain in my feet up until the end of last year when I started training for longer periods.

It was suggested that I had my feet checked out, so I first came for my first consultation with you at the end of February this  year. You explained very well to me all about my pronation in my feet and the biomechanics and by wearing orthotics will help, however I might experience a little discomfort in the rest of my body until it gets adjusted to the new alignment.

After having my feet measured for my new orthotics. Three weeks later they were ready. The first day I wore them for one hour the second day two hours and so on to just gradually bed them in. They felt fine no discomfort wearing them but you told me they might not be ready for me to wear for the London Marathon as the race was only three weeks to go. One normally needs at least a month to six weeks to get adjusted.

I was desperate to wear them for the big race so I decided to do a full trial marathon only two weeks after receiving them, I know I was taking a risk but they felt fine and the rest of my body was pain free. 

I have to say because I do a lot of training, 18 hours a week, my body will no doubt be very supple, it may not be the case in anybody else who does not train but it might encourage other athletes.

The orthotics have been well worth the money spent and invested in. I have already spent lots of money on swim bike and running equipment and never even considered my feet . I just used to get by on buying padded soles from off the shelves in retail shops but they never worked.

I can now go for longer bike training sessions and longer running sessions. I wear my orthotics everywhere I go. Hopefully these will last a good ten years.

Kind Regards

S-F from Stafford (ironman triathlete) 

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